Wednesday, July 6, 2016

"Looking Back: Stepping Forward!" Interview with Dina Morrone

The Ivy Substation 
Dina Morrone
July 10, 2016

Q: How did you first hear about the Los Angeles Women’s Theatre Festival (LAWTF)?
A: "I first heard about the LAWTF when I happened to pick up a brochure of the Festival at a local theatre. I really liked the look of the brochure and the idea of a women’s festival really appealed to me so I inquired and … here I am."

Dina Morrone performing at the Los Angeles Women's Theatre Festival (LAWTF), 2016
Q: How has being a part of LAWTF impacted your life and your performing career?
A: "Being a part of the LAWTF has been a very positive experience for me. Ten years ago, when I first ventured out into the solo show world, I was thrilled to know that there was a professional festival that brought solo performers together from all over and from all different backgrounds and life experiences, and to give them a platform and opportunity to showcase their work, share their personal stories, entertain audiences, meet other female performers and be a part of something that was very respected in the LA Theater community."

Morrone performing "The Italian In Me"
Q: What has been your favorite part of your LAWTF experience?
A: "The audiences! They are smart and they enjoy a good story. When a piece is funny they really laugh hard and as a performer that keeps you charged and wanting to give them even more. When a piece is moving and sad you can feel that they are listening and thoroughly engaged and you can hear a pin drop."

Morrone at the LAWTF 2016
Q: What advice would you give for someone just starting out in the performing arts industry, with regards to seeking out opportunities like LAWTF to further their careers?
A: "I would tell them to seek out any place where they can showcase their talents. And I would tell them to network. If they don’t want to submit to a festival then go out and attend, watch others perform and learn from all that you watch."

Q: Are there any moments in your LAWTF experience that you are certain you will never forget?
A: "Yes. The Tech Team. They are the glue and the magic that make the shows come alive. They work so hard to make sure that the performers looks good. I thank them!"

Morrone performing "The Italian In Me"
Q: How has LAWTF helped you promote your show further?
A: "Having the words LAWTF (Los Angeles Theater Festival) on my resume or in my materials when I promote my show around town gives my show that little extra bit of credibility."

Q: What was your inspiration for your solo show (the one you are performing at the Ivy Substation)?
A: "The inspiration for my solo show, The Italian In Me, was a chance meeting with Federico Fellini while I was living and working in Rome working as an actress. And of course the struggles that came with that journey. It wasn’t always La Dolce Vita."

Morrone performing at the LAWTF 2016
Q: Any advice on what it takes to create a solo show and suggestions for someone embarking on their first solo show?
A: "My advice would be to live! Travel. Experience life. To observe all the fine details of your surroundings, people, and your daily life. And to know that today's bad day or crazy experience could turn out to be the funniest one-woman show. To write a lot and to pay attention to good storytelling. How do people react at a dinner table when you tell a story or something that happened to you? Pay attention to that. Thank you to Adilah Barnes and to the staff at the LAWTF for working so hard at making the LAWTF, a festival for so many years. Adilah really puts so much heart and love into this Festival and she is an inspiration."

See Dina Morrone in her one woman show, "The Italian In Me"on July 10 at the Ivy Substation. For tickets, please go to our website,

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