Friday, June 29, 2012

Artist Spotlight: Micia Mosely

As part of LGBT Pride Month, the Los Angeles Women's Theatre Festival spotlights one of our alumni performers:
Micia Mosely

Micia Mosely is a Brooklyn-based comedian, actress, and educator, and a founding artist with the Nursha Project, a group committed to supporting artists and projects rooted in creative sustainable development and socio-political offerings. Since earning her Ph.D. in education from UC Berkeley, Micia has shared her comedic performance in cities all over the United States. 

During our Festival in 2009, she performed her show "Where My Girls At," depicting the lives of several Black lesbian women and their experiences, challenging the notion that there is only one Black lesbian experience. 

"A New York Innovative Theater Award Nominee, the show, while hilarious, continues to tackle difficult issues including inter and intra-group racism, sexism, and homophobia."

Four of her characters 
Her comedic style and performance centers around the idea that art can be used as a medium for social change and consciousness raising and the importance of creating this revolutionary relationship between the performer and the audience. 
"Micia Mosely loves to make people laugh, think and transform their lives. She’s uses improvisation, puppets, video, drumming, drag, power point, flip charts, lesbian processing –essentially whatever won’t get her arrested." -Micia Mosley
Learn more about her by visiting her website ( and by watching the following video:

Gustavo Garcia
Marketing/PR Assistant

Friday, June 22, 2012

LAWTF Brings Music to the North Hollywood Library

Many of the city sidewalks, parks, community gardens, street corners and schoolyards will become the backdrop or stage for free concerts.” -Make Music LA

The Los Angeles Women’s Theatre Festival participated on June 21, 2012 in Make Music Los Angeles, a county-wide event celebrating music. A variety of performances were hosted by various organizations and venues within the Greater Los Angeles area during this eleven-hour event.

As part of our efforts to join this event, LAWTF partnered with the North Hollywood Public Library and presented Alumni Florence LaRue, vocalist of the 5th Dimension and saxophonist Sarah Underwood Saviano, as well as Maxim Velour and Brothers of the Sisters and Brothers Band.

The event was a resounding success. The performers engaged the audience, oftentimes inciting emotional responses, particularly from older audience members who appreciated the nostalgic music from The 5th Dimension. Some of the quotes from evening included

“As soon as I heard you [Florence LaRue] were going to be here, I cancelled all my plans.”

“I really like the work you are doing. I want to come volunteer.

“That last song brought me to tears”

“I enjoyed this program. I’m really glad I came.”

Florence LaRue
Maxim Velour and Brothers
North Hollywood Public Library branch manager Jeanne M. Rankin said "It was so nice having music in the library! We ought to do this more often." Adilah responded “Then invite us,” to which she responded, “You’re invited!”

The Los Angeles Women's Theatre Festival is committed to bringing the arts into the community through its outreach program like this one at the North Hollywood Library.

Many thanks to LAWTF performers, staff and volunteers for making this event a memorable one!

Gustavo Garcia
Marketing/PR Assistant