Monday, June 20, 2016

LAWTF Welcomes our 2016 Summer Interns!

LAWTF Welcomes our 2016 Summer Interns!

Name: Stephanie Garduno Atanacio 
PositionSummer Intern 
Age: 20 yrs old 
Birthday: November 4, 1995
School: California State University Northridge
Major: Double major in Chicano/a Studies and Communication Studies 
Origin: Lynwood, California 
Fun Fact: My bucket list includes visiting all 7 continents but my absolute dream trip includes parasailing in Greece!

"My interest stems from my desire to engage in community outreach programs designed to provide creative and education resources to minorities and people of all age groups to realize their full potential. My future goal is to be a communications director for an organization or company aimed to helping others, in whatever area of life that may be, and to continue my education by graduating Cal State Northridge and pursuing a Master’s Degree."

Name: Parisa Loftis
Position: Marketing/Development Intern
Age: 21
Birthday: February 24, 1995
School: Loyola Marymount University
Major: Theatre Arts major and Studio Arts minor
Origin: San Jose, California
Fun Fact: Parisa means fairy in Farsi.

"I was drawn to the fact that LAWTF combines both my passion for theatre and women empowerment. I also love the community and atmosphere of the organization, in fact, I am often greeted with hugs! I hope to continue my passion for the arts by pursuing a career (acting, designing, directing) in film and theatre. In doing so, I hope to change the way women are often portrayed and continue to empower women through my art as well as promoting social justice. "

Name: Makena Metz
Position: Summer Intern
Age: 21
Birthday: January 28, 1995
School: Columbia College Chicago
Major: Theatre Directing
Origin: Los Angeles, California
Fun Fact: Plays drums, piano, and guitar

"Working for a women's theatre festival inspired me to work with LAWTF! Assistant directing Titus Andronicus over the summer with the Theatricum Botanicum and preparing to direct my senior project next spring."

Name: Ariana Wright
PositionSummer Intern                     
Age: 24          
Birthday: February 29, 1992
School: California State University Long Beach
Major: Studio Arts
Origin:  Spring Field, Ohio
Fun Fact: A fun fact about me is that I sew and model my own costumes.

"What drew me to LAWTF was their mission. On the LAWTF web page I had read about their involvement with helping different actresses from across the Los Angeles and surrounding areas. I was immediately drawn in by how much great work the women behind LAWTF had done to get where they are today. Some future goals I have set for myself are to finish college then go after a Master’s Degree.  I also plan on getting a job in the gaming industry animating or doing character design for companies such as Riot or Arena Net."

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